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Promising Endings

I was disappointed in the ending of Promising Young Woman. And then I read the short article (click photo for Article) about what the dilemma was for the writer (I'm pretty sure she was persuaded/talked into/point of discussion to choose the ending that they went with) - I don't see a dilemma at all.

The perp walk would have been more fun, much, much more satisfying than the ending with which they ended this story. Imagine Cassie handcuffed (at the front of course), ankle shackles taken out of the back of a police van. A crowd has gathered in front of the court house. The cops drag her. She's dangerous, wily. She might just be able to get away. She has that look on her face - defiance, satisfaction, victory. She throws her fist up into the air. The crowd goes wild. No regret. No remorse. A survivor in every sense. And ready and willing to pay the consequences for her actions - unlike the men she pursued. This is not the clever ending of what they ended up with. It is not a wink and a nudge. This is a true hero's journey. One that would have been so much more satisfying.

But then it wouldn't have been a revenge story, a story about the men she was pursuing. It would have been about a woman who was tired of women being hurt by men, tired with the system that does not bring consequences to bare on those that break the law, that take take take. It would have been a social justice story. Like Falling Down. It could have expressed the boiling point that is the reality of women throughout the world. TimesUp. MeToo. Those were the flash-points. And once again, Hollywood has smothered our fire into the cinders left after once again making a movie about a woman about them.


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