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We Are Not Invisible

Midlife on Fire is a nonfiction anthology presented by The GLOW Project (Glorious Ladies of Writing) to showcase the ways in which women during midlife are unapologetically kicking ass.

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MIDLIFE ON FIRE© 2021 and 2022.

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Copyright 2021 and 2022, The GLOW Project, MIDLIFE ON FIRE.
All Rights Reserved.

A number of women one day found themselves at a crossroads either unexpectedly or a long time coming, where status quo was not good enough anymore and spoke their truth. Women defying social convention and expectation, making difficult decisions, experiencing a huge shift, in sharing their stories, these writers want to encourage others to embrace their unique and powerful selves.

This anthology series showcases stories from writers who experience this potentially tumultuous part of their lives as a reordering, maybe a reckoning, and always as a rebirth as vital voices in the dialogue of life, love, and art.

These two volumes of the anthology series is the result of the growing interest in reading and sharing our stories. We are passionate about bringing women’s voices to light especially the voices of middle-aged women. We are inspired by the courage and enthusiasm of women who contribute to the anthology series and hope that it will serve as an inspiration for other women in midlife. 

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