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This podcast with CK Love is an adjunct to the anthology book series - a #1 seller in two categories - MIDLIFE ON FIRE.

Midlife on Fire is an anthology book series and a podcast and exists to continue the discussion about what we, as women, encounter in midlife. Promoting, amplifying, supporting women in midlife.


The anthology and the podcast showcase stories from women who experience this potentially tumultuous part of their lives as a reordering, maybe a reckoning, and always as a rebirth as vital voices in the dialogue of life, love and art.

The anthology book series is a yearly publication, with the first book published in December 2021 and the second book published in December 2022. It is created by The GLOW Project: Glorious Ladies of Writing, a collective of women writers which grows with every publication. It is published by Restless Spirit Productions in association with The Radiant Writer, and Motivate the Muse.

Last updated: April 2023.


The GLOW Project is dedicated to legitimizing and amplifying the voices and stories of women in midlife.

Bringing this to life by creating the MIDLIFE ON FIRE anthology series and podcast that showcase women in midlife from around the world.

And with the podcast, MIDLIFE ON FIRE PODCAST, giving voice to truth in a reluctant world.

To that end the podcast will showcase the writers of the anthology and other guests to talk about what we face in our lives.

On the podcast, there is a segment called: "Midlife at Midnight." We encourage women to write 2 or 3 pages of a story that is about something you have realized, or are facing in your midlife. And be about something you could never tell anyone - at least not yet.

Please feel free to send your story to:

Every week, I will choose one story, and read and record them. You can stay anonymous if you like.

Please listen to the podcast below.

Purple Glow

Be My Guest

I am always looking for women who would like to tell their stories. Whether you think you have one or not, there is a story in all of us that will resonate with women around the world. I would love to hear from you. 

Click here to find out more about being a guest.

Purple Glow
Purple Glow


We believe that through creating and sharing their stories,
women can change the world.

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