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I am so grateful to CK Love. We have been working for several months now, which has brought to light some deep insights into my artistic process and my true creative focus. The more we work together to uncover blocks interfering with accessing my authentic voice, the more confident I feel in my modes of self-expression and also more enthusiastic towards discovering the material that makes my heart sing. Not only that, but this work has helped me see how multi-faceted of an artist I am, something I whole-heartedly embrace! These sessions have been invaluable in learning to let go of self-judgment and to be present to the work I’m here to do. Thanks so much, CK! --


~Richard M.

I have a story in my head that I want to share but I couldn’t find the way to begin the process.  “The Radiant Writer” helped me to unlock my writing skills and nurture them to outline my novel and complete the first chapter. Without CK Love as my mentor and coach, I would still be staring at a blank document on the computer! She outlines what the tasks will be and then individualizes the goals to meet your needs.  If this were a weight loss program you would be astounded by the before and after photos but since it's a writing program you will just have to wait for my book “School of Klean” to see the wonderful writer CK Love made out of me.

Thank you CK!


~Breda P.

CK provided really useful and concise feedback on my horror script. She was very helpful in pointing out not only what needed upgrading but also what worked and why. Her comments allowed me to improve the flow of the script and tighten many overrun sections. I was really happy with how the script evolved after I implemented her comments and, thanks to that, it ended up receiving an excellent score at The BlackList.


~Ricardo B.

Imagine working with someone who totally focuses on you to help you find and use the keys to opening
up your abilities. Enter CK Love who does just that with her adaptable and insightful Therapy for
Creatives process. CK assists in digging deep into your psyche pulling out the best in us with her
intuitive skills, great questions and a different approach to looking at things. Therapy for Creatives
combined with her yoga classes will provide the optimum experience in opening up all your potential.


Both programs have propelled me into a creative writing journey that is enjoyable and fulfilling. In addition, as an added bonus, my competitive swimming times have greatly improved due to the yoga practice and new mind set. If you get the opportunity, please go for it. This is an investment in yourself that will not only amaze you, but will assist in developing and exposing all your creative talent and other potential hidden treasures.


~Candace S.

Without personal growth you can't reach your creative potential. ~CK Love

The Therapy for Creatives process started me on a journey to reconnect with my true creative self.

I discovered CK Love and her Therapy for Creatives process at exactly the right time. I was in a rut and stuck creatively. I was unhappy with my creative life and completely frustrated with the direction in which my creative career was headed. I had no idea how to overcome the creative blocks I was encountering.

As a result of my work with CK, I realized I had lost my creative voice. I lost my confidence in my own vision for my work; trying to please others instead of myself, the joy I once felt in writing, and the creative process, was completely gone. Working through the process of the 8-week program, I discovered a lot about myself. I worked out how to get back on track, and developed the confidence to feel comfortable and confident in what I want to produce and say to the world.

Through the work with CK, I’m finding joy in creation again. I am creating what is emerging from my heart and soul, what I want to give to the world. This process encouraged me to live boldly, so I can create boldly.

~Karen B.

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. ~Erma Bombeck

CK has the empathy, training, and experience necessary to solve what’s blocking you in just a few short meetings. Her personality employs precisely the right amount of patience and pushing you to uncover the emotions within. Together, I faced recent trauma and discovered old wounds that had built up poor habits. Tackling issues head-on, I could now let go of them. My favorite takeaway is that CK teaches the skills to stay calm while facing problems rather than avoidance.


During yoga, I learned a new (and proper) way to use lower stomach muscles to prevent back pain, an understanding I would never have found without CK’s classes. Beginners, those out of shape, or the injured can follow CK's yoga as she takes care to make sure nothing gets out of alignment. For experts, it builds concentration and physical strength.

~Karin P.

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently. ~ Pema Chodron

I started taking Live yoga classes over Zoom with CK when Covid hit. In all my years of doing yoga (30+) no one has been as thorough and encouraging as CK! She lays down a foundation that will help you in your postures immensely as you build your yoga practice. I’ve learned small details about my body posture that I’ve never even thought about before. Her themes for different classes are fun and inventive. I leave class calm, grounded but with energy to take on the day. She is truly Fantastic, I can’t recommend her enough.

~Lena P.

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. ~Erma Bombeck

Through single sessions therapy, CK helped me see areas where I was stuck emotionally and recognize the stories that I was telling myself that were preventing me from moving forward.  With CK's guidance, I was able to develop the skills I needed to be able to get out of my head and into my heart. As a result of my work with her, I experienced many positive changes in how I relate to myself, which in turn has helped me to redefine and strengthen my relationships with others.   

As a student in her yoga and meditation classes, I have gained a deeper understanding of the body/mind connection, increased my strength and flexibility, improved my focus, and had lots of fun along the way! I highly value CK’s breadth of knowledge of the postures and the teachings of yoga, her clear and effective instruction, and I love that there is always something new to learn about myself as well as the practice.

~Tracy B.

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