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What is Consciousness or Awareness of the big "S"elf, the "Other?"

Someone on Twitter asked if Consciousness existed or if the ego made it up.

Some answered with: The ego makes it up to satisfy it. Some mistake being conscious of *(s)elf (which is self-conscious) with Consciousness, being conscious of "Other", engaging *(S)elf; Some equate/conflate Consciousness with awareness (of the (s)elf).

Consciousness is not of the thinking brain. If you think about it... that is not it. Consciousness is Within and Without, but it is not regulated by thought - you can not will it into existence. Meditation (the kind that focuses on concentration and suspension of the (s)elf, and the practice of Yoga (meditation and pranayama, and Hatha yoga when done sincerely) are the places where one can tune the vessel that is your being to Consciousness.

To illuminate this point - Radio waves - do they exist? Only if the receiver is finely tuned can they be perceptible. A receiver that is blocked cannot receive them and therefore we will deny that they exist. Tuning is the only answer. Not more tin foil.

It's very simple to me - if the ego is in tact, it will ask these questions. The answer is nowhere and everywhere, everything and nothing. Because if you ask this question then the ego is intact and you are not able to perceive Consciousness as it is.

Simply put by the venerable Sri Nisargadatta: "To say: 'I know myself' is a contradiction in terms for what is 'known' cannot be 'myself'"

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