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CK Love offers a place for you to be unconventional, wild even. Throw caution to the wind and say, "fuck it, I'm going to throw open the doors of my psyche and my life and bring my Heart and Soul to my Creative world."

This is a place where the only rules are honesty and fearlessness and dedication to cultivate a deeper understanding of why and how you create, what is holding you back, what inspires you and how to bring You back to your work and life.

Restless Spirit Is...

A place to create.

Without personal growth you can't reach your creative potential. ~CK Love

Who is CK Love?

CK has been working in the creative field for over 25 years,

able to take on various roles because of her background in Architecture, and has been writing screenplays for 6 years. She just finished her first short film.

CK is an Intuitive. Throughout her life, she has gravitated toward the spiritual aspects of life and became a student of yoga and meditation very early on. Studying many traditions of yoga and meditation, she became a teacher, teaching from the various perspectives, creating her own brand of teaching these traditions while staying true to their roots. CK has been a yoga/meditation teacher and therapist/guider for 20 years, and owned and operated her own studio for seven of those years. 

CK realized that the two - creating, and delving into one’s psyche and spirit, go hand in hand. She is sensitive to the needs of fellow creatives and her expertise in both realms is what makes her sessions, classes and programs a must for those who create.

Yoga is truly about self-reflection, self-observation and awareness, self-acceptance, self-discipline, and finally self-realization. ~CK Love

"CK has the empathy, training, and experience necessary to solve what’s blocking you in just a few short meetings. Her personality employs precisely the right amount of patience and pushing you to uncover the emotions within. Together, I faced recent trauma and discovered old wounds that had built up poor habits. Tackling issues head-on, I could now let go of them. My favorite takeaway is that CK teaches the skills to stay calm while facing problems rather than avoidance.


During yoga, I learned a new (and proper) way to use lower stomach muscles to prevent back pain, an understanding I would never have found without CK’s classes. Beginners, those out of shape, or the injured can follow CK's yoga as she takes care to make sure nothing gets out of alignment. For experts, it builds concentration and physical strength."

~Karin P.

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