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Transformative Process.

Creative Therapy sessions/programs.

"Working through the process of the 8-week program, I discovered a lot about myself. I worked out how to get back on track, and developed the confidence to feel comfortable and confident in what I want to produce and say to the world..." read more in Testimonials

In a safe, judgment-free environment, CK creates a place of possibility that explores who you are and what needs to be done. Honest and straightforward investigation of what to work on, CK guides you to access areas of your artistic expression and identify your individual creative journey so that you are better able to reach your full creative potential.

What makes you tick?

Identify on a deeper level what may be holding you back, or what can propel you forward in whatever part of your career and life you’re dealing with whether that is creating or marketing your work, or trying to find balance in your life.

But ordinarily we do not discover the wisdom of our feelings because we do not let them complete their work; we try to suppress them or discharge them in premature action, not realizing that they are a process of creation which, like birth, begins as a pain and turns into a child. ~ Alan Watts in "Become What You Are

The Heart Process.

A Note From CK:
This process is also known as the Heart Process. It is a way of getting to the place of vulnerability in order to see the truth of oneself. It is the way through to a much more fulfilling and deeper life. A lot of people are afraid of what they will find, I know that, I am very aware of that. Contact me. That is the first step out of fear into courage.

Everybody says love makes the world go round
I hear a bubbling and I hear a sound
Of my heart beating and I turn around
And find you standing at the door
You know me I like to dream a lot
Of this and that and what is not
And finally I figured out what was what
It was the power of the heart

~Peter Gabriel, Power of the Heart

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