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My New Home: Yoga; Meditation; Workshops; Restless Spirit Clothing

My New Home in Feb/Mar!


This is my new space – it needs a lot of work. It’s going to be a very intimate space. Like the salons of europe where ideas, contacts and news of the world were exchanged freely hosted by women who were sympathetic to the cause of the day. That’s my role.

Personally, I will be offering small intimate group and individual yoga, therapy, and meditation sessions.

I want to encourage anyone who has something to say, show, or perform to come and visit the space. And I invite those who want to take part as an audience to come see what’s happening here at Restless Spirit.

I will be having a huge SALE of all my clothing starting in the beginning of March.

While I am grateful to my students in Oakville – Without you i would not be the teacher i am today 🙂 It’s been very tough to keep things going without SBYC. So to continue my journey as a leader/guru/student on my spiritual path, I have made the decision to spend half my time back in the city. I have found a network of people in TO who have embraced me so readily, it is wonderful.

I will try very hard to maintain my yoga teaching schedule in Oakville and I am looking forward to offering all that I do: the clothing, jewelry, yoga classes, workshops, meditation and more at my new place.

So excited!

Peace! Christine

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