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In a word…

“Condone” is a strong authoritative word. It was bothering me. So I’ve removed it from my earlier post. It suits me better that I give those of you who read this a chance to disagree with me. With a word like “condone” or the combination “nothing condones” it seems to me there’s not a lot of room for difference of opinion even when it comes to strong ethical issues. I would like to use words that convey my strong opinion but also maintain an openness that is inherent in my being. Maybe I’m pulling my punches – I do that sometimes… but it really has been bugging me since I wrote it. Always go with your gut, as they say. A friend used to always admonish herself “Use your words, Sue!” if her writing became unclear. And that’s what I always endeavour to accomplish, clarity as much as possible.  Peace!

I welcome your comments.

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