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A note from SBYC’s FB page…wanted to share it here

Hi – while I genuinely appreciate the work and dedication of those who sincerely study, practice and teach yoga in their particular way to encourage, and effect change in social and individual consciousness, I can not allow the posting of these teachings on SBYC’s FB site because I can not endorse the method with which they are presented at times.

I have a very clear notion of how yoga is to be presented, and with my heart, to me, it is not about joining a single group, following a particular swami, seeing ‘god’ as a separate and isolated entity that is beyond our intimate and personal knowledge, or advocating for the Light only, etc..

Everyone living is a separate entity – of course we all know that. And while practicing and studying these teachings we must remember that everyone is different. The human heart/mind has certain sensitivities, or preferences which guide an individual along their chosen path. These eventually dissolve to show that we are not separate at all. But in the initial stages of Self-discovery, our egoic nature gets caught up in the how we are read and seen by what we chose to do. It is a lonely path truly, because no one else feels or sees things the same way you do, and so the individual must begin and continue for years their journey in a way that speaks to them.

Anyone who has been walking the spiritual path knows this intimately. How many ‘styles’ of meditation, asana, teachers, books, workshops, retreats, have you gone through in your years of practice? This is good. Opening up to different practices and work, only deepens your process. It deepens the process sometimes by confusing us at first. The mind has a way of latching on to a particular thought or way by convincing itself that this is the ONLY way until the heart is no longer served by whatever it is, and must move on to find ‘flow’. The searching will continue until the heart settles into a LOVE that is deep and eternal, and directed outward.

Yoga practices which include everything from asana styles, meditation traditions, Bhakti especially, all help to bring about Self-realization, Union with the Beloved.

I encourage you all to find your own path. To be still for a moment and really listen to what is being asked of you. Then move in that direction.

I am grateful that along your path you have stopped here if only for a moment.



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