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 Single Sessions 

On offer for single sessions: These single sessions are available to anyone. 


your schedule

your choice

1. What's On Your Mind: These single sessions can be a "RAP" session when you have something on your mind or in your heart, but you really don't have the right person to talk to about it. Or they can be "working sessions" which are similar to those in The Reflective Pool program.

2. Working With Your WIP: These single sessions are similar to the RAP sessions where we work on your WIP. CK will read your work, and you can have one or a few sessions with CK to talk deeply about your work.

3. The Oracle: These sessions are a fun way to employ cards to understand the deeper workings of your creative life.

These single sessions are available for you to continue the work at your own pace.


Book a 15-20min zoom call with CK, and see how these sessions can work for you.

You can also elect to do the 8-week program.

*If you would like a quick chat click on the chat icon to the lower right of your screen.

Add some Yoga or Meditation classes to increase your experience!

Available to anyone.

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