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These classes are for anyone who is interested in taking classes with CK.

CK has been studying, practising and teaching yoga for decades and has completed a number of advanced teacher trainings. The way in which CK teaches is the accumulation of all her experiences, and her instructions are precise, but not scientific. CK instructs so that you may find the movement in your own body using cues that are understandable by anyone from novice to advanced practioner.

Classes are held online. Obviously, CK cannot adjust your postures, but her instructions will guide you into the posture. Please inform us if you are dealing with any injuries or chronic holdings in your body.


Restless Spirit offers these Yoga and Meditation classes as well as the monthly workshops for you to partake in on a regular basis. Please choose a class and join us soon. Love to see you there!

*If you have any questions please click on the Chat Icon (lower right of the page) and Let's Connect.

There are three types of classes to participate in:




12pm ET

Sunday Courses & Workshops (look for dates on calendar)

1. Yoga classes are held three times a week and range from beginners to advanced.

The style of yoga taught is Vinyasa Flow which employs movement and breath to achieve the postures.


For those who are taking the program The Reflective Pool or Single Sessions - Yoga classes are an important part of the process of coming into yourself. The practice of yoga brings you in direct relationship with your body, and breath. Without this relationship, the working mind creates experiences that may not be 'true' - to be in the present moment is to be in your body, not your mind. Yoga helps focus the attention of the mind on what is real. This goes a long way to developing a keen sense of your own journey. The work done in the therapy sessions becomes more potent in conjunction with these yoga classes.

2. Basic Bits: This 3-week course held each month, is designed to introduce you to the basic postures of Vinyasa/Hatha yoga and their movements. Plus teach about the importance of breath. Dates and which postures announced each month. Spots in April available (attendance of 6 or more people is needed to run these sessions).

3. Fix Your (fave posture here) Forever: These 3-session workshops held each month will change your postures forever. CK has designed these sessions for us to work on a single posture every Sunday of each month so you can get the most out of your practice. Dates and which postures announced each month. Spots in April available (attendance of 6 or more people is needed to run these sessions).

4. Creative Calm: are Guided Meditation classes. These classes emphasize and encourage the body mind connection, developing the intuitive self. Meditation, likewise, develops a calm, clear mind that can quickly connect with what's real and work to ease stress, anxiety and tension.

All Yoga and guided meditation classes are offered to anyone who is interested in joining.

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