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 The Reflective Pool 

An 8-week program consisting of 8 private sessions in total with CK, which runs consecutively, is designed to elevate your awareness of what makes you, as an individual creative, tick.

In a safe, judgment-free environment, CK creates a place of possibility that explores who you are and what needs to be done. In different ways, CK guides you to access areas of your artistic expression and identify your individual creative journey so that you are better able to reach your full creative potential.


Let's talk. Find out how this process can help you in your work and life.

This program is offered in 8-week increments and must be completed in the 8-week time-frame.

Once a week

On your time

1st week: Get to know where you are at in your life and psyche, and identify why it is you are here.

2nd week: Deepen your understanding from the week before, and see if there is anything to do about it.

3rd week: Identify habitual elements of your thinking-mind like talk tracks, beliefs, expectations, etc.

4th week: Break your habits that do not help you, and work with other issues that come up.

5th week: Check-in about breakthroughs and realizations.

6th week: Reinforce the work and watch for any resistance to the process.

7th week: Go deeper and challenge yourself to make necessary adjustments.

8th week: See where you are at and where you go from here.

It is recommended that you do the Creative Calm guided meditation class and at least one class of yoga while in this program. These yoga classes are included.

After you complete the 8 weeks, you can repeat the program or choose to continue at your own pace with the Single Sessions.

LET'S TALK! Book a 15-20min zoom call with CK, and see how this process can work for you.

*If you would like a quick chat click on the chat icon to the lower right of your screen.

This is an organic process. Results will vary from individual to individual.

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