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Creating is a soul activity.

This section is for CK's Creative Projects.
For producers, managers, directors, colleagues or anyone interested in investing in my films.

CK's Blurb About Herself:


I've always approached creating from the attitude of letting something emerge from the inside out. A feeling. A notion. An instinct. My "found objects" sculptures and my designs in architecture and interior design were served by this process.

I started screenwriting seriously about 8 years ago after dabbling in all kinds of writing styles over the years. I got hooked on screenwriting and filmmaking because it allows me to express myself creatively in both loves: visual, and writing. I am especially drawn to thrillers, noir, and horror. I love watching them, why not write them? My focus is writing women leads in these styles - why should the guys have all the fun?! Why not express women in the role of agitator and hero? It isn't hard for me to crack that code. So I write women in genre films (thriller, horror, femnoir) features and TV. It is very satisfying.

I am a trained therapist (as you may know if you perused my website), which makes me very skilled at channelling and articulating the darker forces of personality and emotion. I have a keen interest in exploring this “darker” side of the female psyche from a woman’s POV. Because of my own emotionally fraught relationships with my sister and my mother, I write dark female heroes as underdogs or outsiders emphasizing the brooding complex relationships between women. I gravitate toward the stylized expression of genre because of my visual art background, and the cathartic release it offers to bottled up emotions.

I have had two scripts optioned, and placed in contests (PAGE, Big Break, Austen Table Read, LA International) with my shorts and features. My short cerebral horror which I shot this past November has placed in a number of festivals. I live in Toronto where there's lots of snow in the winter and fuck all to do but drink martinis, write and watch movies - which is fine by me.

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