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Things change and then some…

I am diving back into writing my blog! I’m so excited!

A lot has changed since I last wrote.

I have refocused my life from being a full time yoga/meditation teacher and therapist to a full time screenwriter. I know!! But it’ll all make sense once you get to know me. 🙂

I have been writing for a long time – like every writer that I know – I’ve been writing ever since I could (talk) hold a pen. But life conspired to make me believe in the voices that said, “I wasn’t good enough”, “writing isn’t a job”, “it doesn’t even have a pension!”

I wanted to write like Beckett and Pinter, GB Shaw and Stoppard, Camus and Kafka. I wanted to be the first female absurdist writer. Mimicking the works of Beckett and Stoppard, but in a Shaw-ian kind of way… That would have to wait. A. Very. Long. Time.

I’m like a cat. I have had a few lives.

I’ve been an architect, graduating and working in the field. After a few years, I decided to take my passion for architecture and translate that into sculpture and art. And writing. I did some writing! But there was no momentum. I made some money. But not enough to keep me alive. It wasn’t the age of the internet in the way it is now, with remote jobs and Google. God bless Google. I went back to design – I worked for a while doing interiors and helping a friend dress clothing store windows. Yeah. Like Rhoda.

But my life was falling apart – slowly, snail’s pace. Like I couldn’t even see it – but I felt it. So what did I do? What every one should do, I went to get my Therapist skills certificate to figure out MY LIFE. And because, I’m fascinated by what makes us tick. I had been practicing and studying yoga throughout my university years and then doing it as any practitioner would – finding teachers I like, studios that had my style (after being introduced to Ashtanga I didn’t look back). I was hot wired from very early on to do this kind of work, and so I gave myself permission to let go of all my creative outlets and focus the energy on the creative impulse of yoga and meditation. I became a teacher a year after I decided this route. I did an enormous amount of training and teaching. And finally, in 2007, opened my first studio!

Having that studio was an experience that deepened my practice more and I taught a teacher training – all by myself. I did everything all by myself. I burnt out and the town where I had the studio wasn’t interested enough in the kind of yoga I offered so I had to close. I continued with teaching private lessons and had therapy clients. My second studio turned more into a performance space than a yoga studio. I had already started writing screenplays at this time. I dove right in! I invited people to perform, do seminars and I even had partners to start launching our own productions in the space. But I chose the wrong people to partner with and it ended with me closing the studio and abandoning that kind of entrepreneurialship. I wasn’t cut out for it… It exhausted me. Competing with every other space downtown.

I’m not sure how many lives I have left – but it’ll be the expanding of my writing – because finally after all my experiences, I am finally writing! The writing gods have descended upon me and said, now! Now you can write!

The early posts on this blog are from when I was a full time yoga teacher, and wanted to share my experiences. It is my intention to continue to share with you my ongoing commitment to my spiritual practice; share some of the insight I have gained through the years.

I will be sharing my experiences with writing, and setting my sights on making it as a writer. Fingers crossed. Here we go!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!



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