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Human Beings Are Complex: Societal Introjects Try to Impose Order Where There Is None…


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Human’s are complex.

The energies that make up a human psyche are as vast as the synapse that make up something like gender – it’s never black or white – it’s every grey in between.

There needs to be care given about how the ‘light’ is attributed to women or female, and the ‘dark’ to men or male. There’s lots of projection now that “women can save the world” – that “women rule.”

It isn’t that altogether. Rather it is the Feminine Energy that is found in both “men and women” that is the actual attribution we are looking for.

Masculine and feminine energies can be tapped into by both men and women. Because of our socialization in our vast cultures, these energies are either pushed away or held up and lauded – depending on the culture.

Because of the synapse (seen and unseen, measurable and immeasurable) in our energic bodies, women have the feminine energy while men have the masculine energy as dominant (I use that word lightly) – but like I said – it is not black and white but every grey in between.

Masculine energy is described as: agressive active forward moving taking creative sun

Feminine energy is described as: passive submissive giving nurturing moon

These energies are necessary in the world – whether they manifest from a female human or a male human (or anything in between). These energies can manifest from whichever. A women creates in science and art, a man listens intently to a child. Yet the creative energy of the masculine manifests differently in an individual women than any other person because of forces unseen – yet she is tapping into the masculine energy. And yet the nurturing passive energy of the feminine manifests differently in an individual man because of forces unseen. Some of it is ego. And ego manifests for its own sake.

The ego fights to conserve identity. So if you are in a society, a culture that reveres macho men and soft women, then the men’s and women’s egos of that society will fight against or try to maintain that status quo.

Because this need for ego to preserve itself at every turn, these energies can manifest as ‘dark’ energy.

Both these energies are mixed and have varying degrees of influence on the psyche of a being. And, depending on the ego, can become dark.

Mother’s become shaming. Father’s become totalitarian. Sister’s become jealous. Brother’s become sadistic.

To recognize the masculine and feminine energies as a spectrum that find expression through the human “filter” or “transmitter” is to allow their expression to manifest in ALL people at their behest. No labels. No judgement. No criminality. Just energy. Expressed through the individual vessel that make up the community of people.

Only in the balance of these energies and the taming of the ego through the manifestation of Heart Energy can both men and women come together as one.

The Evolution and Survival of Human Kind depends on it.

This is my passion: to express this quest for balance and harmony.

(I wrote a variation of this March 9, 2017 on FB)

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