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Georg Feuerstein

I tend not to keep up with what the contemporary yoga world does. It makes me sad most of the time. The emphasis on the physical aspect is so intrusive to me to the real stuff of yoga and I feel it really hinders the true development of the human into a spiritual being that I really want to have as little to do with it as possible.

So because I have an aversion to reading the same crap about yoga over and over again, I miss the news of something very near and dear to my heart: the Death of Georg Feuerstein.

Georg was…is a scholar of the yogic life. He delved deep. Georg really was able to articulate the process of yoga so clearly, it is mind-blowing. He intellectualized the teachings so we could read and understand, but he also conveyed the great need to not intellectualize the process and to be sincere in your practice. He emphasized doing the work was more important than just intellectually knowing it. He understood that that was a trap.

I came across this news because I was researching a bit of what he had said for a post I was writing (I will publish it later – this is more important) . . . my eyes are filled with tears as I write this. I had an opportunity to meet him and work with him, but realized I didn’t have the time (I was running my studio back then – on my own). There is a feeling of regret that I didn’t meet him. I read his books and listened to his CDs (podcasts) over and over again to become a better teacher (I was conducting a teacher training at that time as well). I received such inspiration from his wealth of knowledge.

Below I’ve given you links to a couple of articles (not too much – if you’d like more, I’ll post some more titles). I urge you to read and listen to anything you find that Georg wrote or recorded. Please let me know what you find!

His absence in the yoga world will be felt!

Georg Feuerstein
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