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A Vid Series about Yoga…

Check out this vid series about yoga!

There is no need to ‘modernize’ it. Yoga is beyond trend, beyond generation gaps, beyond your ego-ic need for spectacle and fashion. Yoga is Connection to the Divine and always will be no matter what you think you’re seeking!

This portrays the traditional role of the yogi – to be the spiritual part of society. They practice all aspects of yoga. They go into the mountains.

(It seems there are more men than woman. But there are woman, just not a lot – so let’s not get hooked up around that.) To be a yogi, though these days, you don’t need to go into the mountains. What you do need to do is take on the attitude of not being caught up in the world of material gain, wealth, expression.

Practice letting go. Let go of all of your stuff materially: mentally, physically, emotionally. Georg F. expresses it very well. His words are interspersed throughout the series and he expresses it as a westerner who has embraced this task as a yogi – renunciation.

This is the first one of a 4 part series. Please watch all 4! Really worth it.

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