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Welcome to The Radiant Writer Meditation Practice Page

Please sit on a cushion or an evenly folded blanket or in a chair that helps you sit upright.

Sit nice and tall with your hands in your lap or on your knees palms up or down.

You can sit up against a wall if you need to.

Your upright posture will help keep you present and centred.

Meditation 1

A 5-minute meditation for your daily practice.

To be able to sit for 5 minutes and clear your mind is crucial in life. For a writer/creative, it is a way to allow for those nagging voices to dissipate and for you to become more centred in order to create.

Meditation 2

A 15-minute meditation on non-attachment.

Practising non-attachment will ease the panic that arrives from expectation, identity, and disappointment. Practice this daily in order to clear your mind so that you can create.

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