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To participate in our yoga classes please fill out the following waiver.

Yoga Practice: How long?
Yoga Practice: How often?

A note from CK:

I would like to extend a welcome to you and hope that your yoga experience with me is enjoyable, and that yoga will become an integral part of your life as it has mine. Yoga is a physical activity with many benefits. Yet even with the best intentions, injuries may result, discomfort may occur, or prior conditions may be aggravated. Please take responsibility for your own body. Practice with awareness and care, and do not push yourself beyond your own capabilities.

I ask you that you sign this waiver form as an expression of mutual good faith. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


I save CK Love and/or Restless Spirit Productions, and its contributors harmless for any injuries I may suffer while I participate in any class, or instruction. CK Love and/or Restless Spirit Productions, and its teachers, are not responsible for any physical ailments, injuries which I believe are a result of such participation.

I accept full responsibility, and enter this contract with awareness and will not hold CK Love and/or Restless Spirit Productions accountable for any injuries or ailments however caused.

Thank You!

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