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Who is CK Love?

CK has been working in one creative field or another for over 25 years, and has been a yoga/meditation teacher and therapist for about 20 years. CK has been writing screenplays for about 10 years and has just finished her first short film and is prepping for another to shoot very soon.
CK realized that the two, creating and delving into one’s psyche, go hand in hand. She would like to share her expertise in both realms by offering up both individual sessions and programs for her fellow creatives.


“Therapy with CK is an invigorating experience! She guides you through your session with great attention. CK leads with outstanding example. A truly inspiring journey!”

— Shelley L.


“CK is an amazing teacher/therapist with impeccable credentials. Anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of themselves should take this next step with CK.”

— Patricia H.


“I have learned so much from CK over the past year. This is a deeply immersive program that encompasses both the spiritual aspects of creation and the fundamentals of what it means to be human, and CK has a wealth of knowledge to lead you through. In this program you will learn about yourself from the inside out.”

— Liz S.

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Let’s talk. Fill out the contact form and you will get an email to set up a 20 minute - phone call or zoom call.

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Therapy for Creatives

The goal of the program and individual sessions is to train and elevate the awareness and cognitive behaviour of the individual creative whether you are a writer, artist, or actor. This is not talk therapy, but a combination of Western modalities with Eastern mysticism - taking the whole human being into account - body, mind, and spirit.

The Reflective Pool

This is an 8-session program designed to elevate your awareness of what makes you, as an individual creative, tick and find out how you can put it to use in your work and life. This program is offered in 8-week increments and must be completed in the 8-week timeframe.

Individual Sessions

These sessions are to garner the same result as the 8-week program above, but at your own pace. A 4-session minimum commitment is recommended for your initial program if you choose to go this route.

What makes you tick?

Identify on a deeper level what may be holding you back, or what can propel you forward in whatever part of your career you’re at whether that is creating or marketing your work.

The Process:

In a safe, judgment-free environment, a combination of Western modalities and Eastern mysticism will be used to help you access areas of your artistic expression that have been blocked so that you are better able to reach your full creative potential.

You are an essential part of your own journey.

This process is about you. It’s about developing a strong psyche that can weather most of what you encounter during your career whether that is great success or utter rejection. Both can play a number on the ego and lead down a path of self-sabotage. It will also help to strengthen your sense of who you are - as a creative, as a human, and will assist you in making decisions about your work and career without feeling like you are a prisoner of all the varying points of view and advice along the way. This process will help you find a way to center yourself and ride out some of the trying times you will encounter, unscathed and intact.

Talk to me

Let’s talk. Fill out the contact form and you will get an email to set up a 20 minute - phone call or zoom call.

Talk to me

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