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Spiritual Life…What It’s Like…In the Real World…

Spiritual Life...What It's Like...In the Real World...

It’s like being the ocean.

The surface of the water because of its saltiness stays buoyant. It doesn’t know the depth of the ocean – of itself – and stays happily afloat to tend to it’s comings and goings.

Then it is churned up by a storm or a big wave and is brought under and gets caught in the current and so becomes aware of its own depth and a whole new world it didn’t know about (or had forgotten about) opens up (awareness).

Perhaps the once surface of the ocean would like to stay down and discover this vast weightless, calm embodiment of Self, but because of the nature of the ocean, constantly churning and changing, reacting and flowing, the surface of the ocean will have to once again at some point become the surface. Once it’s been churned and tossed around a bit, led and cradled by the depth of it, it will bring to the surface with it a part of that depth – it is no longer what it was.

The changes will continue to occur as long as the surface of the ocean allows itself to be taken to its depths. It will always resurface until one day, it is no longer the same as it started. If the ocean is stagnant – resists change – then the surface will forget its depth.

Let the wind, rain, storms, and currents of your life take you to your depths.


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